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Lindo Creations provides various products that invites visitors to your land.

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Lindo Flower Terminal

The most popular traffic providing game since 2015, around the Second Life grid.

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Lindo Candies Station

Our newest traffic providing game.

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Lindo Color Matching

An independed game allows your friends or visitors to spend time in your place.

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Lindo - Terms Of Service

The main idea behind the Lindo Gaming Services is to bring live visitors to see one's business, events, and shops by spending some time there. This generates traffic while players have fun with the Lindo Gaming Services. By using the Lindo Gaming Services, you accept and agree to follow these TOS:

1. Evolution Of Lindo: In order to keep improving Lindo Gaming Services for everyone, we reserve the right to change anything within Lindo at anytime, should conditions meet the necessity for it. Please check this page, or group notices, frequently, for any possible changes.

2. Fair Gaming For All:
Only one, a main account per household may be used at all times while playing any of Lindo Gaming Services and this singular account should not be an alternate or a dedicated account. Players who need to use an account other than main to play should contact the Lindo management for account review before joining the community.

Possible questions and answers regarding term of service 2#:

What is an alternate account?
• An account you use instead of your main account.

What is a dedicated account?
• An alternate account that you are dedicating it to Lindo to play.

3. Respect:
Respect is important to keep the sustainability of the community. Therefore, disrespectful behavior results in a banning of those responsible. Players or users or community members should maintain professionalism at all times and comply with the regular Second Life TOS.

4. Etiquette:
• Players or users or community members will never demand a traffic device owner to fund their device, start multiplier events or contests.
• Players with a child avatar will not visit adult areas while playing Lindo Games. Players that are under the required age to visit these areas are subject to Abuse Reports. It is your responsibility to follow appropriate guidelines for the rating of the area that you are visiting, while playing Lindo Games.

5. Traffic Device Accessibility:
• If visitors need to join a group somehow to reach a Lindo device, the group must be free and open to public to join.
• Hosts might accidentally make a mistake, which may make it difficult to reach the Lindo device. In this case, Players should not argue with them or threaten them for any reason related to Lindo. Instead the issue must be reported to a Lindo staff.

6. Ejection/Banning:
• Players: In the case of a player/user being ejected from a land where a Lindo Service is running, this does not change the existing account status of the user unless proven otherwise. We invite players to represent themselves well at all times to keep their account state in good order.

• Hosts: If for any reason the Lindo player is denied access to the property where Lindo Gaming Service is, the reason must be stated to the player.

7. Contests and Events:
Lindo devices should not be removed if theres an ongoing contest or event.

• Contests related to Lindo Candies Stations can only be stopped two different ways:
1. Pushing the stop button to abort the contest. (This will abort the contest and pay the existing top players if there are any)
2. Disabling loop feature and waiting for contest to be finished properly.

• Events related to Lindo Flower Terminals can only be stopped two different ways:
1. Pushing the x1 button manually to try to stop the event.
2. Pushing the Stop ASAP button to force the terminal to stop the event as soon as possible.

8. Group Chat/Announcements:
Only Lindo staff are allowed to share links and announce things besides the Lindo Services into Lindo's group chat.

9. Data Collection:
In order for our games to work correctly, we have to collect some data about players, and keep a record of earnings, just like any other games' software does. It is never shared, and kept in strict confidence.

10. Seed/Affiliate vendor owners should never offer any kind of benefits for their buyers. (We also invite players to split their purchase of seeds to different Lindo spots.)

11. Seed sales on regularly inactive Lindo lands are considered abuse for both buyer and seller.

Understanding this rule, #11:
Owners of regularly active Lindo terminals have difficulty paying their traffic costs, so we offer them tools to reduce their costs, such as selling seeds. Seed vendors that are not used for this purpose are harming this ecosystem by being unfair to the land owners who really deserve the sale.

12. Lindo traffic systems should not be used to promote another traffic system. We put in a lot of effort, time and budget to promote Lindo itself. We are inviting other traffic game providers to do same.

These TOS comply and follow the Linden Labs TOS, And the Community Standards.

As mentioned above, Lindo reserves the right to change these TOS at any time, in the interest of improvement, fair play, and enjoyment for all.